Thursday, October 8, 2015

Race or Culture

I love when TK's little girlfriends come for playdates, having girl conversation is a welcome change.
But yesterday as we taxi'd around this sweet little girl told me,

 "You look like my mom!"

and I don't so I asked, "Oh, because we have the same color hair?"

"No, same color skin."

and I was befuddled, because while I have many of times noticed her beautiful dark smooth skin and silky black hair, it never dawned on me that she wasn't a white girl like me.

Her dad is some conglomerate of dark complected races, Asian, Polynesian, African, some Caucasian, not really sure, never ever mattered.

 For the first time since knowing her family (since before her birth) I realized they were considered a biracial family.  I'd never noticed because they were just another family, just like ours, working hard, raising good kids, striving towards the American Dream.

I'm not one of those people who claim to be color blind.  I noticed he wasn't white, I noticed that when our kids swim together mine get sunblock every 80 minutes and their kids are like, whats sun block?

We have have co-worker, he's black (our racial demographic lacks diversity), grew up in LA, he can never remember my first name so he calls me Homegirl.  The man has soul, you can tell by the way he walks and talks.  He is my black friend, his description not mine, I call him Homeboy and we laugh.

And so I had this thought.  Maybe its not Race that causes all the problems and wars and violence and hate.  Maybe its culture.

Homeboy's race is very obvious to me because he lives the culture stereo typical to his race.
Friends dad's race has never even been conscience to me because he lives the same boring life style we live.

Neither Homeboy's culture nor the culture collectively lived by my family and our friends is superior, it just creates differences, but no one is defensive or insecure of those differences so no problems arise.  We all stand around the same BBQ with a Coke or Beer, whatever our choice, and laugh about life and good food.

It's when the cultures become so enmeshed into a community that it breeds oneness of thought, insecurieties, envy, defensivness, and hate that it becomes a problem.

 I feel its important to focus on the real issue here. People are the problem, regardless of color, gender, or socio economic status.  Aholes and Kindness do no discriminate, you can find them everywhere.

 Admittedly I am a white girl from a small white town, and probably have no business even talking about this subject, but I've learned, and I want to remember this.


Outside Exploring.
It's irrigation day, getting feet wet, splashing.
Mama Mama we find a worm.
a baby worm, see!
I hold it too?

Is it a Chicken snack?

No, a pet
Brother wants to keep it
but him will miss hims family

Keep it Keep it
in a jar!

Play for a time
then let him go.

Pinky have a mouths?
Pinky have eyes?
How him eat?
Him's mouth talk?

Mama Mama
look at all the birds
Look Pinky
at the birds
Him not have glasses 
held high 
better view

Bed for Pinky
all curled up
Him warm now

Blanket for Pinky
Him cozy

Time for Pinky to go home
over in the grass
and mud
safe from the ducks.

Bye Bye Pinky

Another blanket for Pinky
Runs back
another leaf.
Skips back 
all smiles
tall grass

Okay Mama.

Running Again

I've started running again.  And getting back in shape is really hard! 

I am running a 5k this weekend.  Just a fun one, with my sister, who has a new baby.
My expectations for myself are to beat her and finish the race, but mostly beat her.  High standards.

But I want a starting point. And this will give me that.  I could just time myself for a 5k, but if there are people watching I'll try a bit harder.