Thursday, April 10, 2014

Open Letter to Drivers of Prius, SmartCar, and other Fuel Efficient Vehicles

I love when I pull into a gas station looking like this:

and the attendant is like,  "dude, your rig gets terrible gas mileage!"

That's right JackA** because we are clearly driving this for the gas mileage!  (actually we are, pretty sure fitting 9 people and all their luggage in 3 good gas mileage cars would be worse)

And then their is the other camp:

Toyota claims, "A Prius for Everyone".
Sorry Toyota,  I love my Sienna, but it isn't a part of the Prius family.  A Prius has a maximum squished seating capacity of 5.  

Most days I drive this:

Apparently it is difficult to grasp the concept as to why I would drive such an environmentally irresponsible and expensive vehicle.  So lets clear things up. 

A picture is worth a thousand words right?  Here are eight.


we could drive 3 and still qualify!

And most importantly there is this.

Friday, March 28, 2014

I am BACK!!

Did all 3 of my readers miss me?  Is 3 too generous?  Either way, new computer is up and running.  SO excited!!  Did I mention I picked up a new project this morning?  That means 4 houses in the next few weeks.  Beyond thrilled!! 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Why buy Toys when we have Toilets?!


#5 is totally fascinated by toilet bowls.  He loves to play in the water.  Gross right? 
Simple solution you say,
"Keep the bathroom door closed" and I do.  

Problem is I have 5 other people using said toilets and they don't seem to get the message.  Probably because they aren't the ones washing up baby every time.

It gets worse.  #4 is still toilet training and so there is no guarantee that the toilet it actually flushed.  Okay, I shouldn't blame the toddler.  He is actually obsessed with flushing toilets.  He spits his toothpaste in the toilet just so he can flush.  It's my 7 yo.  How has he not learned this simple technique?

So I catch #5 in the toilet again.  He'd crawled in my bathroom while I was blow drying my hair.  I turn off the dryer, flip my hair back over, to see him splashing away, having a great ole' time.

I scoop him up, he throws his weight in an attempt to slither down my body and out of my arms.

Hands washed I walk him out the door.  He reaches out, grabs the door with both hands and hangs on with a death grip.  I am laughing hysterically as I try to pry his fingers off the door.  He finally gives in, I plop him on the carpet and tell him to go play somewhere else. 

He crawls off in a huff, and as he reaches for the bedroom door to make his dramatic exit he misses and ends up closing it on himself.  Not one to give up, he crawls back in the same ticked off huff.  I don't bother stopping him as I am curious as to his next act of defiance. 
He reaches the tub, pulls himself up, grabs a bar of soap, its obvious he intends to eat it in some sort of protest.  "It's icky" I warn.  He bites it anyway, then looks at me with instant regret in his eyes. 

I scoop him up again and let him rinse his mouth in the sink.  He crawls off to play with significantly less drama, and I get to get dressed, again... darn Kegels! why didn't I do you?

* I wanted a picture of a toilet because I think blog posts need pictures.  I picked this one because even I was fascinated by it.  Although I fear it may be a drowning hazard.