Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Because we are too busy Blogging...

So what DO Stay-at-Home-Moms do all day?

you can read it here  as well.

The day it took me 3 hours to get the floor swept.
The time I folded the same towel 4 times.
The time I wiped with a panty liner because DS threw the toilet paper roll in the full tub.
The morning we were late for school because DS dumped a bag of flour on the floor, and the broom was wet from sweeping up snow.
The morning we were late for school because DS flipped while changing a poopy diaper and I had to go change, and scrub the floor.
Eating cereal from tupperware because DS stopped the dishwasher and you didn't realize it till this morning... when you were already late for school.
The cookies that burned because DD got hurt.
The smell of the half dry, day old laundry in the dryer that you stopped yesterday during nap time.
The weeks 'nothing' got done because your friend was in the hospital and you were taking care of two families.
The rude customer service person on the phone who talks down to you because you are "just a mom"
Watching our working friend's sick child because she is out of sick days and the daycare doesn't allow sick kids.

Dear Tacoma,
  The best compliment I have every received is when a mom told her teenage son that my house was a mess because I actually play with my kids.
  Home by choice

I love a bit of honesty...

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