Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shoe Review - Five Fingers

As a barefoot running fan  I was super excited when Vibram came out with their Five Finger shoes.  I purchased them at the same time I purchased another pair of my staple Brooks.  While I am barefoot all the time, it is necessary to gradually increase mileage in these shoes as the muscle set is dramatically different then traditional feet.  As I started out with a mile in the five fingers then switching to my Brooks for the duration of the run.  Within a few weeks I found out I was pregnant.  While I have always hoped to run during my pregnancies, it has not been possible. Too sick, not enough energy.  So I continued by walking in them.  I did Yoga and Pilates in them, I wore them around the house, when my back hurt I put them on.  I got tons of attention in them, most of it intrigued, non of it attractive.
We call them Tree Frogs, and I can't wait for it to warm up a bit so I can actually run in them.

Things I like most about them...
They are versatile.
My back doesn't hurt when I wear them.
I can wiggle my toes as much as I want.
I don't need socks, I hate dealing with socks.
The strap across the bridge of the foot tightens around the ankle and fits nice and snug.
No laces to come undone and retie (but that also means no shoe tying breaks)
Did I mention NO SOCKS!

Points of Concern
Yes, they smell after sweating in them, but you can just wash them in the shower with you.
Yes, you can feel rocks through them, but its like being at the dentist, you can feel the pressure, but not the pain.
Yes, they are ugly and weird  and creepy looking.

Did I mention I got to wear them at the Rock Climbing Gym and save a $7.00 shoe rental fee?  Maybe I should try that at the Bowling Alley...

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