Sunday, December 8, 2013

Shephards as Mid-Wives?

 Today we skipped church.  I just couldn't bring myself to pack #5kids in negative weather by myself, luckily(?) Tinylove woke up with a super nasty diaper, so I figured it was an excuse to call in sick and stay home.  Now that we are all up and moving I decided we should have home worship.  I popped on over to our church website and found this....

Beautiful depiction of the Christmas story.  Now focus on the scene depicted in the top 'glass'

The way Mary is laying and holding her baby makes the Shepherds look like Midwives.  I giggled at the thought of having a Shepherd delivering my baby.  I am not at all implying that the artist is conveying this message, it is simply positioning 4 people in a small space.  Then I continued to think...

Would it really have been that bad?  Shepherds assist in the delivery of lambs all the time.  I have a dear dear friend who is a shepherd, I have watched her deliver lambs, she is skilled and knowledgeable, loving and gentle.  We occasionally teased that should I go into preterm labor at her home would she be able to deliver my baby?  We had decided that she probably could.

Joseph is standing at Mary's head, supporting her, but at a loss as to how to best assist her.  Should I be in that position, and a shepherd had appeared at my door offering assistance I would have gratefully accepted.

Jesus the Christ, the Lamb of God.  Had Mary needed help, who better to assist.

Since becoming a mother my appreciation, admiration, and respect for Mary has grown.  Bless her for her great and selfless service. Praises be to a loving God for blessing us all with the birth of His Son.  May we always remember this great gift and share our love of the Savior with others by following Mary's example of service.

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