Monday, August 4, 2014

You'll Look Back and Laugh

Six years ago we ended up with a wonderful Yellow Lab. He was lost, no one claimed him, so we offered to give him a home.  When he first arrived and we were still getting to know his habits, I left him inside, unattended, while I ran a few errands.

When I returned from my errands the cooling rack was on the floor, there were claw scratch marks on the counter where it had been, and the cookies, were gone. Shocking right?  A lab eating cookies?

I was so frustrated that my beautiful wood counter tops were now damaged.

Our sweet dog died a few years ago. 

The scratches are all but gone now, blended into the myriad of other scratches of  years of use.

And I miss them.

And I remember that I was frustrated with them,
and wonder why,
              because now,
as I look back, at the image of my dog, paws on the counter, scarfing down cookies as fast as his fat hearted lab self can manage,
                                  and I laugh.

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