Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Of Horses, Deer, Goats, and Moose

TL is in love with horses lately, except his pronunciation sounds more like hoise (think hoisin sauce).  The moose in If you give a Moose a Muffin is a horse, the deer in the field are horses, and if pressed for a correct name on the two he will alter his response to GOAT, but he will NOT accept your answer unless he can find a way to present it as his own.

He has a bedtime story he likes to tell, it goes like this.

"A horse jumps over" complete with cute little hands, jumping along.
"BABY horse bounce bounce bounce, over!"

I thought it was a darling story, but he was insistent and consistent.  Only the baby horse bounced, and the horses never jumped more than once. I finally remembered that a few weeks earlier we had several deer in the front pasture.  It was a beautiful day, TK, TL, and I went out to watch them.  As we approached, they one by one jumped over the fence and bounded up the hill and out of sight.  They baby struggled, making several attempts before finally making it over.  The mama waited for it and then off they ran, together.
It was  real life Sesame Street, we counted just like 'The Count',
                                                  "One, hahaha! One Deer!  Two hahaha! two Deer!"

I thought it was a lovely moment.  A mama win.   And apparently so did TL, because when I asked if they were DEER not horses, he willingly changed his animal to GOAT.

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