Saturday, November 14, 2015

I WON'T Be Changing My FB Profile Picture in Support of France

My entire news feed on Facebook is filled with people changing their profile pictures to the French Flag overlay to show their support.  I won't be hopping on that band wagon.

I have nothing against France.  We hosted an exchange student from Paris when I was in elementary school.  It was a wonderful experience.  I spent 2 years of high school trying to learn the language.

Still not having the flag overlay.

For TWO reasons.
1. It's too easy, its cliche, there is no way to know if people are doing it for sincere reasons or simply going along with a trend.

2. It needed to happen.  For far too long Terrorism in all its forms (religious, political, racial) has been seen as a problem belonging only to certain countries or peoples.  And always to the United States, because our country likes to fight for other's freedom/stick its nose in other's problems.

 But FRANCE???

France? Really?  They don't do anything.  They keep their crap to themselves and history shows they won't even fight for their own crap.

And yet they were still victims of Terror. 

It's high time the people of the world jump off politics or views on gun control or religion and start unifying against Terrorists.  It doesn't matter what the Terrorist's say they are fighting FOR because they are fighting AGAINST that which is good. 

Christians, Jews, and Islam think its a war against God rooting back to Issac and Ishmael.
African Americans think its a war against their race rooted in Slavery.
Republicans think its a fight for democracy.
Democrats think its a lie and a waste of money.

But it doesn't matter what each group thinks the war is about.
        Because it all boils down to Good vs Evil. 

The Evil have no need to unify.  It doesn't take unity to blow up a building.

Those fighting for good, no matter their race, religion, or political affiliation, need to humble themselves and work together against that which strives to destroy.  The War on Terror is just that, a war to fight those who wish to destroy.  Terrorists don't care what they destroy, Lives, Culture, Property, Land.

An attack on France shouts loud and clear that Terrorists do NOT care about anything but destruction.  They don't care your race, religion, political affiliation, gun control laws, armed forces size, economic status, or location. They may claim to, but they don't.

And while they may not care our agenda, they do use our discord to their advantage.

An attack on France is the wake up call our world needed to realize this is no longer a problem belonging to any group, it's a problem that belongs to man kind.  So wake up and fight back.  Changing your FB picture to shout RED, WHITE, and BLUE means nothing if you continue infighting with those who look different, or believe different, or think different, but want the same end result. 

I am not going to change my picture. 
But I am going to stand for freedom and good, regardless of who I am standing next to.

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