Friday, March 7, 2014

One time I was RIGHT!

I stood in the locker room holding her gear bag above my head like a trophy.

"I am ready for my apology"

She glances my direction, rolls her eyes, and continues getting ready.

"Mama" I say, "I am sorry that I rejected your suggestion to check the lost and found for my bag.  I am sorry I had a meltdown instead and displaced blame for it's misplacement on my brother.  In the future I will be more accountable."

Commence Stare Down.

"Mama, I am not saying all that"

My poker face remains in tact.

"Mama, I am sorry I had a meltdown."

That'll do for now.

I hand her the bag, "see you after practice sweetie."

I walk out of the locker room with my fist in the air ala 'Breakfast Club' victory to the sound of the rest of the waiting parents cheering my victory.


Maybe the cheering and fist pumping were all in my head, but had they seen the entire process, they totally would have given me a standing ovation.

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