Monday, March 5, 2012

All the other Moms with the PUMPED up Breasts!

(Go ahead and sing the post of this title ala 'Foster the People' style.)

  Elementary Vice-Principal and Mother of four, Amy Strand, was recently harrassed by the TSA while flying home from a business trip.  She was told she could not bring the empty bottles for her breast pump on board, she had two options:
Leave the bottles behind or Fill the bottles.

  Surprising considering she had on the flight to her business trip.

Not wanting to leave the needed bottles behind she found an outlet in the bathroom, at the sink, and stood there pumping for all to see.  

I am an advocate for public NURSING, pumping is a different beast all together.  There is no cute baby sheilding your breast and no darling baby with whom to bond.  Its just a slurp your boob into a funnel and try to smile.
 She didn't smile, she cried.

Once the bottles were full she was allowed to board her plane. 
The TSA has since apologized
(because formal forced apologies are always so meaningless ful.)

Now the TSA is always getting in trouble for being asinine and nursing moms will always struggle for their rights, but the reason this article stood out was for what the victim had to say...

What’s upsetting and sad is it’s an example where a TSA agent didn’t know their own policies,” she said. “This is my fourth baby, so breast-feeding concerns aren’t new to me. I can’t imagine how humiliated a young mom breast-feeding for the first time might feel. I’m 38 years old and can stand up for myself. Nothing can take the humiliation away, but if this story prevents another nursing mom from the same humiliation, it’s worth talking about.”
Amy's response exeplifies goodness in this crazy world.  She was humiliated and yet she counted herself blessed that she was older and more confident than a young or first time mom.  Props to Amy for thinking of others and taking one for the team.  The young first time mom memories in my heart thank you as well.
Full Article available here

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