Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cabin Fever

Around here the winter/spring is long.  VERY LONG... We can rely on snow to put out our fireworks and start covering the garden in mid-September.  In between is highly volitile and unpredictable.

  I have friends that in high school would Snow Board in the morning and Wake Board in the afternoon, or vise-versa, they would be sure to skate board sometime in between just to cover their bases.

This picture was taken (by Spud) this morning, just after school should have started but do to icy roads we had an extra two hours at home. Exactly 1 week ago I was mowing my lawn. I wasn't cutting any grass, simply turning the chicken coop bedding into mulch for my bulbs, that I planted later that day.  It was warm, I wore a t-shirt and jeans, DD#1 wore flip-flops to school several time in February.  Our weather is bi-polar.

Due to the long weird season The Mean Mama calls Xanax, I become a bit cranky and need something to occupy my darlings so that I don't have to rely on the pill form of the season to be loving.

Our family occupies the Xanax season with preparing for County Fair.

We are heavily involved in our County Fair.  It is held mid-summer and the Open Class competition is open to the public and free.  Some fairs charge a nominal entry fee, ours doesn't, in fact ours has premium money attached to the awards. 

Any age can enter anything they have made, grown, baked, raised, or taken (as in take a picture, not steal).  If you can do it, they will find a category for it.

Things we have entered:
Flowers, cookies, cake, bread, rolls, biscuits, rhubarb, peas, suckers, paintings, drawings, beads, hats, aprons, crochet, stuffed animals, baskets, dresses, skirts, sculptures, scrapbooks, photography, table setting, ceramics, paper mache, embroidery, felting, and crazy critters.

The above photo may just occupy a spot in DD#2's entries this summer.

This year we plan to enter eggs as well!  (because our chickens are laying lots of them)

Google "[your county] County Fair" or " [Your] State University Extention Office" and see what is available in your area.

We learn new skillsBuild confidence through our exhibits, and take pride in our awards.  Not to mention adding to our bank accounts.  DS#1 won over $80 last year and even DS#2 took home $4 in prize money for his finger painting.

*Caveat*  My use of Xanax as a joke is only funny to me because I am so greatful it and drugs like it exist.

My name is The Mean Mama and I have Anxiety.

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