Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ice Baths

Ice Baths have been shown to be beneficial in aiding the recovery of muscles after we tear them down by exercising.

My tips
*Jump in all at once, tiptoeing prolongs the pain.

  * Have a mug of hot something to sip.  Chocolate, Broth, Coffee, Tea.... this warms the inside while the surface freezes.

   *If the water begins to feel relatively warm, swish you legs back and forth.  It circulates the water next to your legs that has been warmed by your body heat.

*Have a warm room, if possible, DH built our house and I had him add cadet heaters in our bathrooms so we can warm just that room on cold summer mornings or when bathing babies.

*For maximum benefit, resist the urge to take a hot shower and let your body return to normal temperature naturally.

*It doesn't have to be super cold or super long.  I just run a cold tub and add a block of ice that I have made by freezing water in a large yogurt tub and stay in about 10 minutes.

*Have a distraction: I set up my lap top and catch up on some Netflix!

*Take advantage of natural settings.  I live in the Pacific Northwest, we have lots of water, all of it cold, for 10-11 months a year.  If I race near a lake, river, or ocean (like my impending marathon) I just jump in and submerge waist deep for 8-10 minutes, feels great!

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