Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pure Flow - Round Two

Just ordered my second pair of Brooks PureFlow so I figured I should update my shoe review.  The fact that I ordered another pair just a few short months tells you three things

1.  I am logging high miles.
2.  I love the shoes!
3. They have less miles in them.

Lets address #3 briefly.  Most running shoes have 350-400 miles while Pure have 250-300 miles, but then again the Flow cost less than the Addrenaline and I avoid the painful 'break in' period, so for me, its a win-win.

Now lets review my 'cons' from the initial review:

 I mentioned that my legs grew tired at mile 9 of 13, as soon as my body grew accustomed to the higher miles this became a non-issue, clearly it was me, not the shoes.

I found that intially the tounge of the shoe slid to the side far too often, the laces never thread through the tounge allowing this to happen.  The problem became less of an issue as the shoe continued to form to my foot. 

*****If anyone at Brooks happens to read this, I have a piece of advice!  My Brooks Addrenaline have a little loop at the top of the tounge that the lace threads through, on it is written, 'tounge tied'  great little feature, consider adding it to the PureFlow!*****

I still love the lacing system, so much less pressure on the top of my feet.  I have always had hot spots and been sore there if I lace even slightly tight, and a loose lace means I roll in my shoe, it was a dilema.  Not anymore.  I bought a pair of Addrenalines to rotate with and force myself to wear them.  I simply prefer the Brooks PureFlow.

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