Thursday, November 15, 2012

Labor Eviction...I mean Induction

I recently read an article posted by one of my hippie friends about the evils of induction.  It had a few good points and several lame exaggerations and fear tactics but what really irked me is when they closed the article with
"Don't you think your baby's health is more important than a few more days of slight discomfort?"
Clearly my baby's health is of utmost importance to me.  I have sacrificed my body for 9 long months to create an as close to perfect baking environment for him.  But lets be clear, what I am experiencing is not 'SLIGHT DISCOMFORT!'
I also need to keep the well being of my other children in mind.  And MY mental well being.
My first two pregnancies were classified under 'slight discomfort', clearly packing an 8 lb weight in your abdomen is going to create some discomfort.  They were both induced, at 42 weeks & 40 weeks, no biggie.
Then DD6 came along, the little is in comparison to his dad, not a reference to his size.  The child was and still is enormous.  I hurt my back at 6 months and the weight of the pregnancy prevented healing.  I was in false and painful labor at 34 and 36 weeks.  After the second trip to the hospital I sat on the couch crying, ALL.  DAY.  LONG... because I was in so much pain.  I could not sleep or walk or care for my girls.  He was induced 4 days early, just 4, but they were so wonderful.  I barely got him out, needed a bit of vacuum assistance.  It was a close call, even had to sign papers allowing a c-section. 
After that nightmare the doctor agreed that letting my baby grow to full term would likely mean a c-section delivery, which is one of the biggest reasons induction is discouraged.  We induced DD2 10 days early and he was right on schedule to be as large as his brother. 
Currently I am in great discomfort and am not quite 8 months.   My leg is out or pinching a nerve or something, not sciatica, but it prevents me from putting full weight on it, which means I am hobbling all over my house.  The pain is reduced if I sit and rest, for extended periods of time.  The complication comes in when we add a sleepless, snotty (literally, not figuratively) toddler to the mix.  I can barely make the 15 feet from my bed to his when he wakes up screaming 7 times a night.  So while my discomfort is managed by moments of reprieve, I am compromised in my ability to meet the needs of my toddler.  So YES I am being induced again, because not only do I need to look after the welfare of my unborn baby, but also the well being of my toddler.
Baby will be born the day we are 39 weeks (lets just hope my body holds out till then), which should keep him slightly smaller & easier to deliver while allowing me to be home before Christmas to care for my older children. 
             Because regardless of the scare tactics, I know my body and I know what I need to do to care for the health of not just my new baby, but his older siblings and my health as well.

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