Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Because YOU are the World's most Perfect Parent...Except you aren't actually a PARENT!

To all those of you who are NOT parents by CHOICE:
                                  (ie: you are perfectly capable of having children, but choose not to)

We don't want your advice on parenting!

Because it doesn't matter how many parenting classes you took in college, those are theories, and while they are great, they don't actually work once emotions become involved. 

I made this mistake early in my parenting days.  I thought all the human development classes I was taking qualified to give my sister advice on how to care for her very busy toddler.  She smiled and nodded, knowing it was only a matter of DD10 learning to walk and talk before I ate my words.  She also knew that I loved her.

You may offer parenting advice if and only if you meet the following qualifications.
1.  The person sincerely loves you.
2.  The person asks for advice, this must not be mistaken for a mom's need to vent.
3.  You have been a parent longer than the other person has been a parent.
4.  Advice must be situation specific.  ie: homework help, trouble with friends, potty training.

YOU MUST MEET ALL 4 CRITERIA, this is not a pick and choose.*

If you do not have kids, just keep your trap shut.

 All the Involved Parents in the World

*Teachers and other professionals may offer there expert opinion as it pertains to our children.  We reserve the right to smile and nod.

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