Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lion King

Remember this scene in the Lion King?

You don't?
Well then, lets review.

Mufasa has promised to show Simba their Prideland, so at 0'dark-thirty Simba is wide awake, like all good toddlers should be, and begging Mufasa to wake up.

Sarabi says something to the effect, "He's your son"

And like any great dad would do, Mufasa wakes up and he and Simba watch the sunrise and tour the prideland, as promised.  (Sarabi rolls over and continues to sleep, like all good lionesses should)

Why the review of my junior high Disney viewing?
  Because a few days ago I was snuggled in my nice warm bed when my hubby decided to join in. 
 We were just snuggling, promise! (much to his dismay)
When his best mini buddy comes in and starts tugging on the hood of his sweatshirt, demanding that he wake up.

My hubby mumbles something that sounds like,
"Why do I feel like I am on an episode of the Lion King?"
I say something to the effect of,
"He's your son."
And since my husband is a great father, the story pretty much ends the same.

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