Monday, February 11, 2013

Tag Team Diapers

My hubby is a lefty.  Usually this drives me nuts.  He thinks being a lefty is great and he is always disappointed when each of our kids shows they are clearly right handed.  To me being left handed is a serious disadvantage.  They don't make left handed scissors anymore, desks in colleges, you know the little flip up ones that are large enough to fit a sheet of paper, are almost always made for right handed people, at group dinners he always sits on the end so his elbow doesn't hit anyone.  AND since his parents never bothered to get him a lefty mitt, he still feels insecure on a baseball diamond.  He also drives me bonkers sometimes because there is something about lefty's that they just think differently, they do things backwards.

But TWICE his lefthandedness has come in super duper handy!

1.  In college when we met, he sat to my right.  Which meant we could write notes without moving the paper back and forth.
2.  When we were changing diapers of both boys at the same time, we put the wipes in the middle and we could both reach them.
Double Duty Diapers is hard....Tag Team Diapers is fun!

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