Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'd Rather be...

I saw this on a friends fb wall and thought of all the things I could replace for swimsuit, gym, and sweatpants.

  "My Bible said I should read it, but my BED was like...Nah girl, I'm warm and cozy"

  "My Abs told me they really need to work out, but that 7lb tub of red vines was like, Hey Girl, I'm lonely!"

"My sink was like, Hey, I am FULL of smelly dishes, and I was like, Hey, stop reproducing!" 

"My Living Room told me it needed cleaning, but I'm like, what's the point? the toddler will be up soon"

"My mind told me it needed a run to meditate, but my bathtub was like, nah girl, you can meditate in here, and I'm warm!"

"My blog was like, Hey, I am boring, and I was like, Okay!"

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