Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Quest for a new Vehicle

We went to a family wedding this last summer which required us to fly and rent a vehicle.  After driving a 2012 Toyota Sienna all week I realized something...


It was so much more spacious than our 2000 Sienna.  It had 8 seats and doors that opened and closed all by themselves.  The cargo room was double. And the seats were slightly bigger so there weren't any arguments about who touched who and if someone was breathing too loud.

We got home and commenced our search for a newer mini van.  We found the perfect 2006 Sienna, newer body style, low miles, right price, 8 seats, magic doors.

As we drove to the flagship dealer's office hubby and I both realized that as nice as this van was, the timing was wrong.  Too many unknowns.  Insurance premiums through work were rumored to be increasing,  new baby coming, etc. 

So we put off the newer car and I continued to drive my old van, I was happy with it, it fit our needs and I did not miss the car payment.

Then one day I realized that every twinner van I passed was driven by high school students or drug dealers or high school students that were also drug dealers...

And my pride has set in.  My search for a newer vehicle has resumed.

Hubby wants something with a tow package, like a Suburban.
I love my Sienna.

I am not picky, I just want something to play soccer mom with.  So please share your favorite vehicle and why! 

Remember, it needs at least 7 seats, because like DaddyCrazy5, our minivan is FULL!

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