Friday, March 29, 2013

The Push Gift

Relax, it was her idea. Well, the first part at least.


Hubby and I are snuggling in bed while #5 is nursing.
Me- "So I found this fun stay at home dad blog last night...He had this picture about a 'Push Gift' apparently its the newest thing, you give your wife a gift for having a baby, so by my calculations you owe me 5 gifts."
Darling Husband - "That's Bullsh** the baby is the gift"
Me- "The baby is my gift to you."
DH- "Right, which is why he loves spending all his time with me"
Me - "Oh look how cute he is, sound asleep with his little hand on my boob"
DH - "Exactly my point"
Based on the comments Message With a Bottle Dad got a lot of people agree with my husband.  I might be one of them,
                     but if he ever decides to make good on those 5 gifts,
                                                      I would smile and say
                                                                                        "It's about time! "
                                                                                                                              "Thank You!"
(And in case MWAB Dad happens to read my mediocre blogging attempts, my hubby got me running clothes and a GPS watch for Christmas, which was just a few days after #5 was born, so we are on the same wave length as far as what a new mom needs!  Go Endorphins!)
And his blog is HILARIOUS so hop on over!

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