Sunday, March 10, 2013

There's Poop in the middle of the road

#3 and I are in the car (#4 & #5 as well, but they really don't participate much in this particular conversation), we are driving down a very residential road.

and then I see it,  There's Poop in the middle of the road!
one of those green 'do your duty, pick up your doggie's doodie' bags from the doggie pit stop.
Then I say it out loud,
"There's Poop in the middle of the road!"
"Where?" asks #3
"In the middle of the road"
"but where in the middle of the road?"
"Back there, right in the middle of the road. a little bag of dog poop"
"Oh, I didn't see it."
 "You can see it on the way home honey"
(and everyday after that, cause a week later its still there)
Really, that's it?  Oh?  When do little boys become aware of their surroundings?  That isn't a rhetorical question, I'd really like to know so I can be expect to force patience until that point.
Following my random thought process lets talk about parenting for a bit.
People think I am crazy for WANTING to stay home with my kids, and WANTING to have 5 kids.  But then I see these people walking around with bags of POOP!  This is Dog Sh** people and you pack it around like its a normal thing.  And you think I am crazy for having a large family?
On a slightly more positive note, the fact that these people are willing to carry around little bags of poop makes me think that people are nurturing by nature.  This proves that my desire to parent and nurture my babies is normal, therefore I am living the life I want, and they are living in denial.
In other words...
I am right and they are wrong.
and what woman doesn't want to be RIGHT?
  The Mean Mama!

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