Monday, March 11, 2013

"But, What's that Smell?"

My dad and brothers came to greet our newest addition.  They gave me obligatory greetings before scooping up the real reason they'd spent the last 4 hours in the back of my dad's grandma mobile.  My darling baby was passed from the oldest to youngest pecking order.  Half way through, my 15 year old brother, starts inhaling my baby.  Deep inhales.  Multiple Deep breaths and we all start to wonder if he is going to breath my baby into oblivion. 
He finally stops long enough to ask,
"Whats that smell?"
"The baby"
"No, but what makes him smell so good?"
"Nothing, newborns just smell like that."
More deep inhales.

While on that topic, lets review other yummy-ness of newborns (in no particular order).

1. The way they smell when they are fresh.
2. The way they smell when they are sweaty.
3. The way they smell when they need a bath.
4. The way they smell when they are fresh from the bath.
5. Kissing them as much as you want with no protests.
6. The sounds they make when they nurse.
7. When they sleep or grunt or sigh or bellow or gulp.
8. Their ears are velvet for the first 35 hours.
9. The way their entire body wiggles when they smile and laugh.
10. When you pick them up and they arch their back to stretch while scrunching up their legs &feet.
11. When you look down  because they have stopped nursing and they fall off..sleeping soundly.
12. When you look down because they have stopped nursing and they are smiling at you, with your boob still in their smile.
13.  Lifting their chin rolls so you can clean their neck.
14. Their little toe jam.
15. Baby Cleavage
16. Thigh Rolls
17. Their skin is so SOFT.
18. They are so SQUISHY.
19. Knuckle Dimples
20. Head bobbing kisses.
22. Milk Drunk
23. The way their eyelids shutter when sleeping.
24. The startle reflex.
25. Their tiny cry, when they are hungry, poopy, tired, scared, or just plain ticked!
26. Sweet creases in their skin.
27. Watching their wrinkled newborn skin grow taught and plump.
28. Spitting their binky out at the sound of your voice.
29. Turning toward familiar sounds.
30. Feeling them sleep and breath on your chest.
31. Spiking their almost bald heads into little mohawks.
32. The way their siblings adore him.
33. Trying to work their little fingers or thumbs into their mouth..
34. Watching as they float freely in a warm tub and discover space.
35. When they think they are starving and the milk is too slow and they try to devour your boob.
36. When they pull off suddenly because they can't swallow fast enough and they get sprayed.
37. Phantom suckling.
38. Watching their daddy melt.
39. Their fingers entangled in your hair.
40. Sleep Smiles.

Did I miss anything? Did you make it through my list? Feel free to add!

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