Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kathie Lee & Hoda are a couple of 60 year old Soroity Girls with a bad plastic surgeon

And a crappy makeup & hair artist to boot!

(I looked it up, KLG is 59 and Hoda is only 48, ouch!)

I am more than slightly confused why these two women are on the air. 
It's as if there is some kind of quota for having women with lame names on morning television.

   Today Show Checklist
Black  MAN - check
Asian Woman - check
"Handsome" WASP - check
( I don't know if Matt Lauer is a Protestant, & for the record I don't find him handsome, hence the quotes, but I am sure some do)
Annoying White Ladies with Lame Names that should attract the 'mom' audience -
Double CHECK
(in reality the lame names is just Today's effort to make us stay at home moms feel better about our yoga pants and ponytails...
"We may not have a makeup artist, because even a bad makeup artist is a status symbol,
but at least we have a decent name"... 
but that's a major fail because we mom's actually like our yoga pants, their comfy, that's why we wear them.)
Let's give two Examples:
This one is not only annoying but it's downright offensive. View it HERE
The part I am referring to starts at about 5:15 minutes, They are totally annoying for about 5 minutes talking about their weekends, totally don't care....So might I suggest skipping to the subject matter.
I could go on and on about how they look and act like drunk sorority girls.  If you didn't skip the first few minutes KLG comments about Hoda's bra showing...tacky much?
Then they proceed to mock and label disgusting the miracle that is a feeding tube.  After showing total disgust they reveled that this 'diet' allows a person to lose up to 20lbs in 10days...their's suddenly tempting.  Guess what, you could lose weight if you consumed limited healthy calories through your mouth as well.  In fact chewing said calories actually burns calories.
I have 5 amazingly healthy children, and I pray that God blesses and keeps them that way because I don't know how mama's of children with special needs manage.  I see my sister-in-law with her severely disabled son.  It's exhausting to watch her 5'2" frame pack her non-mobile 6 year old son up a flight of stairs to get to their house umpteen times a day.
I watch my sister struggle with my niece who LOOKS perfectly normal and healthy, if she were 6, but she is 10.  She is tiny, a result of a congenital virus that among other learning challenges also robbed her of her hearing.  We live in a small town.  There is no deaf community here.  There are no translators to help her at school.  She received a cochlear implant as an 18 month old, I watched as the doctor turned it on and saw her blissful face as she heard her mother's voice for the first time.
I promise you that medical advancements are a gift from God.  G Tubes save lives, they are not a fad diet.  Shame on the doctors that exploit this medicine and shame on Today for airing such smut.
A Girl and Her Tube
This one isn't offensive as the subject matter is meant to be comedic, it's just annoying, partly because they are clearly not even remotely aware of what that subject matter is or what their guest does, but mostly because Kathie Lee has the neck of a 90 year old and the face of a Barbie doll that's been left in the sun too long.
You can view it HERE, this happens to be a link to the blog that their guest started, KLG & Hoda don't know it exists, so feel free to mock them all you want in the Confessional.
I have seen Hoda a total of two times and KLG a total of 2 times since she and Regis broke up.  I watched Regis, KLG was an unfortunate byproduct. 
Both times I have come away wondering if they
1.  are drunk?
2.  have even read the script?
3.  have a clue about the real world?
I also wonder why Today show hasn't dropped their scandal causing A****?
My advice to these two ladies:
1. Get a new make up artist
2. Get a new hair gal.
3. Lay off the plastic surgery.
4. Read at least the back cover of the book you are reviewing.
5. (and most importantly) Think about someone other than yourselves for at least 10 minutes a day.
Much Thanks,
   The Mean Mama
*For the record, my title of Mean Mama is not a knock off of Scary Mommy, I didn't even find the blog till my friend linked to it on fb a few months ago.  Promise! 

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