Friday, April 12, 2013


Hashtags are popping up everywhere.  They drove me nuts till I realized how they worked. 

On Twitter & Instagram a hashtag signals where to assign that tweet or picture, like file folders in Picasa.

All pictures and tweets of baby would include #tinylove and possibly others depending on what he is doing.  If he rolls for the first time the tweet would also include #milestones.

If my hubby tweeted I would add @hubby so he would also get the picture on his account.

From what I have figured out they don't do anything on Facebook, but I have heard they are thinking of changing that. 
I think people use them on Fb because they are just so much fun and are a concise way of recording events and thoughts.

How to do it?
#correct #thisishowitsdone
#not correct
#also #not #correct

#Giveitatry  #youmightlikeit  #notusingspellcheckonthispost

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