Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Tree of Life

Today we had Sunday afternoon art.  I have been looking forward to doing this project with the kids for several weeks now, and we finally got around to doing it.  It was lots of fun.  Baby slept for a good chunk of time so I got to paint as well.

This is the painting we were copying interpreting.  
Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt
I showed it to the kids, there are plenty of examples of this and other interpretations produced by a simple image search. 
We started with dark backgrounds and used metallic paints.  We accented with glossy paints and metallic markers.  We spent a few hours on them.  Mine took about 3 hours of relaxed painting, while the kids took 1 1/2 -2 hours.  I was really impressed with how hard and diligently they worked.  Even toddler got in on the action...That made it a bit more stressful as he thinks flinging paint on sissy's project is a good idea.  In the end this is what we came up with.
DS6 - he wrote everyone's names, so I edited them out.



DD10 project 1

DD10 project 2


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  1. This is so cool. It seems like each of their personalities came out in their drawings.


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