Friday, September 6, 2013

Natural Organic (and attractive) Teethers

Just ordered one of these beauties!  Found them on a fellow SAHM's Facebook page while doing my morning Facebook stalking.  Some people do Yoga, I FB stalk.  It's just as invigorating and far less sweaty.
 (It is a perfect morning for a run, but alas I have my grandfather's lungs and if I run while sick I will hack them up)

The gal is selling them to help pay off her son's medical bills.  He has sagital synsostosis.

This is what she says:

Hi everyone, I've started a little hobby turned possible business. I'm making, and now selling, Baltic amber infant necklaces for teething. Kai's has been a miracle, eliminating all drooling and irritability.

Amber is a natural anti inflammatory used as a remedy for pain. Even adults wear them for aches, pains and migraines!! 
I'm selling them to help Kai's medical bills and they are $18 each shipped. 

Let me know if you're interested. Also makes a great gift!!

It gets better... 

Safety Features

It comes with a magnetic break away clasp, the beads are too small to be a choking hazard, and
 Amber is safe to swallow, even beneficial as a natural pain management tool.

Now I realize I could easily make one of these, easily as in I have the skills to do it.  BUT that would require me to track down the beads, which would require a 20 mile (each way) trip to town, and taking two little boys into a bead store doesn't exactly sound like a great idea.  SO instead I am buying one and supporting a fellow mama!!
She is just getting started, so go to her FB page and just send her a message letting her know how many you want, your PAYPAL account, and your shipping address.

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