Saturday, November 16, 2013

Up All Night

The other night I went to bed at a semi-decent hour (translation: before midnight).
                      I did something rare.  I fell asleep.  It was lovely.
And then #5 started screaming.
   Not an 'I'm tired' cry, but a full on pissed off scream.
        So I rushed, low blood pressure head spinning, across the room & down the hall to his door.
     The light was on and I couldn't open the door.
                                                                       #4 was yelling,
                                            "I no Like my bed anymore!!"

I peek through the crack in the door and I can see a pile of bedding.
                                                    #4 has 2 quilts and 7 blankets and 4 pillows.
                And they are all in front of his door.
                         And #5 is screaming, #4 is screaming about his bed.
                                   And 4 other people are sleeping.

I turn to put some gentle hip force into the door and there before me is another child.  A child who is not the right height or gender to be downstairs.  I suddenly realize I am the one screaming. My heart races as I try to figure out where this child has come from.  Finally my eyes adjust to the dark hall, my heart slows a bit, and the recent adrenaline rush has awaken me enough to realize this person is my child.  #3 had a bad dream (about The Kratt Brothers being Zombies, a mix of his favorite show and favorite computer game) and he expects me to be at the top of my game in the middle of the night.  It was 2:34am, I checked, and with a time like that, you can't forget.

I was not to the top of my game.  I told him to go to bed, he said he was scared.  I gave up.  I smashed the door open, scooped up #5, grabbed #4 by the hand and as I walked to my bed I told #3 he could just sleep in #4's bed.

This is how the rest of my night went.

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