Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Co-Sleeping or The Case for a King Sized Bed

We recently vacationed.  As in our first REAL vacation where we went, as a family, to hang out and relax, as a family.  We had no other agenda but to play and relax together.  No extended family or friends to visit, no wedding, no funeral, no class reunion.  It was LOVELY.  The only unlovely part of it was of course trying to get 2 little boys to sleep in their own beds.  And by own beds we all know I mean any bed besides the one I am sleeping in. 
But they won't, because it isn't familiar and so no matter how many lovies or blankets we bring from home we end up sleeping like this:

Luckily this hotel had a King Sized bed!!! 

Unluckily, our Anniversary fell during this vacation....  We even booked a 2 room suite for privacy.  Maybe next year.

UPDATE: After posting 'Up All Night'   I noticed that the size of the bed doesn't really matter.

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