Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Toddler Friendly & Toddler Proof Nativities

I guess she grew tired of yelling at the grand-kids not to rearrange the figures with Christ as the center 'play' with her glass and ceramic Nativities that she had all over her house at the eye level of a 3 year old because the last couple Christmas's she has sent unbreakable Nativities for our kiddos.

Toddler Friendly

The first year we got a Nativity on blocks.  The kids LOVE them, but then they started throwing them...  So while this Nativity can't be broken it can do the breaking.  Hence the "Toddler Friendly"

It's pretty simple, just cut and sand blocks and stick a Nativity Sticker on the block.  As you can see these stickers are starting to peel.... Not sure if its the sticker or the cold storage out in the garage.  I am making a new set this year with a different type of sticker.

 Toddler Proof! 

 A year later we got this Nativity for Christmas!  I loved it.  Embroidered Pillows!  
Can't be broken, can't be the breaker, also don't stand up very well, but that's not really the point.
Last Christmas I made a set for my nephews.  I used colored thread making them much more festive.  I also dropped the buttons as it's more work and a potential choking hazard.  

I had a great idea to make and sell them on Etsy, make my fortune like every SAHM dreams of doing but each set takes 30+ hours!  Which is a labor of love, you could never charge a price to justify the hours.  I made them in the middle of the night when I was huge pregnant with TinyLove.  Couldn't sleep anyway.  I finished before he was born and still couldn't sleep so I started making a simplified version to give as hostess gifts for Holiday parties.  It was actually Hubby's idea,  I was impressed.
They turned out super cute.  
And since I will never make a fortune making these, I included the drawings in case you want to make them yourself!

Right click on image and select 'Open in new tab'
Right click again on the image in the new tab and select 'print'

This should work... wish I had a decent scanner and I'd turn them to pdf format for ya!


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