Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Life Cycle of the Disposable Razor

We buy Razors by the Costco pack around here.  They are a quality product for a good price, even better when on coupon, if I buy a years worth at a time I can then forget about them for another year.  Hate buying toiletries, not sure why, probably because they just get thrown away. 
 Money down the drain.
We are pretty much hairless so one pack lasts both hubby and I a long time.  

It goes down like this. 

1. Place a sleeve in the drawer and the package in the storage.
2. I retrieve a brand new razor every time I shave my underarms.  (Sensitive skin folks)  Then I use said razor on my legs as well and leave it in the shower, up high, in the corner, every time.
3.  Hubby grabs whatever razor in the shower looks semi-new, which would be the one I carefully place out of the water stream to use when I notice any missed spots.
4. They end up like this, directly in the water spray, melting blue all down the side of the shower, every time.

5. I throw them away once the little strip is gone.

Except this time.  I am leaving them, just to see how many get piled up before hubby notices.

Don't get me wrong.  I am not annoyed or complaining.  If he noticed things like this he would also notice how piled up the laundry has become and that the baseboards need dusting.  I'd much rather have a relaxed hubby than an uptight one.

I am simply curious how many will pile up before he notices. And by notice I mean throw away.

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