Wednesday, December 11, 2013

When Bigger is Better

Big Families can be expensive.  But there are times when having a big family really is better, or at the very least, cheaper per capita.

Family Pictures and Christmas Cards
 Admit it, a picture with 2-4 people is just not as entertaining as with 6 or more people.  It's like the potential for awkward just sky rockets!!

Family Memberships
Most attractions of any kind offer one day individual admission or Annual Membership.  We are going to use Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha as it's my favorite zoo ever!

Admission Family of 4 one day: $50.00
Admission Family of 7 one day: $80.00
Annual Pass for either family:    $104.00

Okay, so either way you have to go twice to pay off your increased investment, but per person? 
Big Family: $14.85/ year
Small Family: $26/year

* Bonus for any size family!!   Reciprocal admission discounts.  You get free or discounted entry into participating zoos and aquariums nation wide.  Check out the details here!

San Diego Natural History Museum (The Nat) - another of my favorite places!

Admission Family of 4 one day: $56.00
Admission Family of 7 one day: $90.00
Annual Pass for either family:    $70.00

I don't think I need to break that one down for you any further!!  It pays quickly either way!

Conversation Starters
You have 5 kids?!?!  there you go, never a lull in conversation.

except his wife has since had a 5th

Insurance Benefits
Admittedly this may have changed since the last time I had to shop for private insurance, we are currently blessed with coverage through our employer.  Most quotes I have received are for  2 adults and their kids.  As long as everyone is healthy they don't really mind how many kids there are.  Which means the Max Orthodontic Benefit payout is $2,000 per person! So while we are still going to pay for 5 kids to get braces we are going to get $10,000 in benefits while a family paying for 2 kids of braces are only getting $4,000 in benefits.  Bargain! Right?
  (you know, when I write it all out it doesn't seem to balance out... 5 x the cost of braces - $10,000 is still gonna be a lot of money!)

Costco Samples
By the time 7 people go through the sample line you have consumed almost an entire product.

Clearance Racks 
Size is irrelevant, "eventually everything fits somebody"  (it's a movie reference, and an appropriate one at that!)


  1. ha ha! I love the Costco comment! That is SO true! I have 2 girls and 2 boys and I'm due to have boy #3 in March. I love my big family but just yesterday I got the "your pregnant with your fifth kid!?!" comment.

    1. That's the same set up I have, 2 girls, 3 boys! Love them, love the chaos!! Good luck with #5! The first several months I felt like I would never catch up!!


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