Thursday, December 12, 2013

Just Can't Win


Why does it keep making headlines?
Why does everyone feel the need to weigh in on something that is absolutely none of their business?

I know naysayers are going to answer with a standard "if it's not our business then don't do it in public" but guess what?   Your food habits are none of my business and yet you eat in public!

I don't walk up to obese people at an all you can eat buffet and impose a 2 plate limit.
      I don't tell diabetics to skip the desert bar (well actually I do, but only if they are a close relative)

These 2 moms got chastised by the public for their actions and the breastfeeding community rallied around them....

Gisele Bundchen posted this picture and was both praised and chastised...

                                      (the photo that is suppose to go here was removed, copyright,
 but not for profit or critique so I justify it, 
was of Gisele breastfeeding her infant
 surrounded by a hair and makeup team, it was beautiful)

by the SAME BREASTFEEDING community!  

Seriously, we can't win.  Come on LADIES!!!  We need to stick together.  We can't keep attacking one another.  She is nursing her baby while getting ready for work.  Critiquing Gisele for doing what mom's do everyday makes you look like jealous, insecure haters!

  So props to Gisele for breastfeeding her babies.  Props to her for putting her career on hold to have her babies.  You go girl!

 (PS  if you ever want to send your team to give me a makeover I would totally be okay with that)

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