Thursday, December 26, 2013

Divorce just Sucks.

I don't use that word often, I try to reserve it for things that really actually have no better term to describe them.  But sometimes things just suck.  Divorce is one of those things.

I have been planning an update to my post about my parents divorce for several days. I was excited to share how far I felt I had come in reaching a sort of closure.  An acceptance of a new normal.  That my relationship with my mom had improved dramatically (and I will write that post, because it has, and its awesome, but I want to do it with a positive mindset) I felt like I could move forward with a healthy and balanced relationship with both my parents.  As the Christmas season started they were both in town and I found myself enjoying time with each of them, not getting caught up in their issues, not trying to fix anything or be their go between.

Then my dad decided to go and say something totally stupid and selfish.  He was a total ass and made my mom cry.  And because my brothers saw my mom crying I got to lie about why she was sad.  And none of my adult siblings know about this interchange and so I get to keep it to myself so as not to bum them out.  And my hubby is at work. And so this just sucks.

Moral of the Story:  If you think divorce is going to solve your relationship problems, it won't.

The only problems divorce solves are:
1. Bed or blanket hogging
2. Toilet seat being left up (or down)
3. Socks being left in the middle of the floor.
4. Having to share a remote control.
5. Wait. Most homes have at least 2 T.V.'s nowadays so scratch #4
6. No one else to blame about leaving the toilet paper roll empty.
7. Maybe something about an empty milk carton being left in the fridge.
8. Yep that's about it.

I could list the new problems you'll create, but that would just be depressing and my warmed up leftover pizza combined with  Mindy Project reruns have lulled me into a false sense of distracted reality and I choose to stay there until I fall asleep, and hopefully through the night, because I am tired.  Dealing with stupidity and sick kids has a tendency to wear one out.

Night y'all!

PS this is my 100th post, not exactly the celebration I was planning.

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