Monday, December 30, 2013

Black Night's Silver Lining

We were driving home from my dad's house (yes my last post was about him being lame, but I have learned in the last year that love and anger are not mutually exclusive emotions)  Plus we really wanted to get out of town for a bit, change of scenery, so we went, as planned.

We were 60 miles from home when #4&5 broke down.

"Mama?  I want out!" (as nice as can be)
    "I know honey, I want out too."

Please picture the above conversation  while I am leaning over the infant seat trying to nurse our screaming baby, and repeat the image at least 6 times.

We had passed the point of snacks, treats, reason, or electronic distraction.

About 40 miles from home #2 started up a game of "I'm going to cross the plains" Not sure if you have ever heard of it but it's a category guessing game.  My grandma taught me and my cousins when we were little.  It's suppose to entertain groups of kids in the car but with the various ages it usually becomes an argument about not being fair.  So I gently nixed the game, "I think everyone is too tired to play honey, but thanks"

Guess it was just me because #4 stops screaming and says,
  "I gonna tross de pains and I gonna bring my HIPPO!"  (his favorite stuffed animal)

#2 - "I'm going to cross the plains and I am going to bring my seal"  (her favorite stuffed animal)
                  "you tan go!"
#3 - "I'm going to cross the plains and I am going to bring my puppy"  (her favorite stuffed animal)
                   "you can go!"
Daddy - "I'm going to cross the plains and I am going to bring my gun"  (his favorite toy)

           Daddy got to go, which tells me either it was favorite thing not favorite stuffed animal OR he has no idea how the game worked.  Either way no one was screaming.

Round 2 
 #3 - "I'm going to cross the plains and I'm going to bring a pipe" (as in a water pipe people, geez!)
 Me -  ..............................."going to bring a hose".
#5 -  "I bring hose too, so I can wash my HIPPO!"

And we all laughed.

I figured out the category was 'Things that carry water' so on my next turn I brought a bucket, #4 brought a bucket as carry his dirt.

Thanks kiddo for making our very dark and dreary night so much more fun. 


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