Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I was tired until I went to bed

I was sitting on the couch matching socks, because the most productive thing I had done all day was to kindly remind my kids (over and over and over) to get their chores and homework done.   Even with a cold I figure I could handle matching socks, and with 7 people in the middle of winter, we have plenty of socks.

Hubby plops down beside me on the couch, turns on some Netflix and fails to follow or understand my sock sorting system, and we just chuckle about my OCD mixing with his ADD. 

If you are curious, we opted for 'Pirates of the Caribbean', the first one, because after that, to quote hubby,  "they got weird".  Because Skeletal Pirates scrubbing decks in the moonlight in rhythm to the soundtrack is totally normal.

We finish the socks and I am totally dragging, falling asleep on Hubby's shoulder, but wanting to spend time together.  #5 wakes up and I hear his pathetic breathy sick cry, so I take it as a hint to go to bed.  We snuggle up, he nurses, and I get thirsty.

He falls asleep, I put him in bed and go get a drink of water. climb back in bed, but without my little heater I am cold.
I turn on my heated mattress pad and get situated.
My head is now pounding.
I can't sleep with the headache, so I go get some ibuprofen. I remind hubby that watching mob movies at night doesn't lead to good dreams, so he follows me to bed.
I climb back in bed, but with hubby in there I certainly don't need the heating pad, so I turn it off, but it doesn't cool very quickly.
My pajamas pants keep tangling so I ditch them.
(I am sure hubby would have appreciated this if he wasn't already snoring_
I get cozy and start to drift off to sleep.
And then liquid starts pouring out of my nose.  It wasn't snot, it was just like water, POURING out of my nose.
I blow my nose and start coughing.
I get a drink, refill my glass, and get cozy on my stomach.
Congestion doesn't work with stomach sleeping.  I toss to my right side
All the congestion from the right nostril drains in to my left nostril and my right nostril is so dry that it burns.  I retrieve my nose spray from the night stand.  It doesn't help.
I get cozy on the other side, and all the congestion that is in my right nostril drains back into my left nostril and then my right nostril starts to burn.  Repeat with the nose spray.  It doesn't help.
I try to get cozy on my back  and everything starts draining down my throat.
Now my mind starts to compose this post, because really my attempt at sleep was so futile it was funny.  
I am starting to drift off to sleep again...
and the Ibuprofen kicks in!  My headache is gone.
and I am wide awake.

Cake Boss anyone?

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