Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Baby is One

My last baby just turned a year old.  It's a strange feeling, knowing that my baby isn't technically a baby anymore.  That I am never going to make another first birthday cake.  Its bitter sweet ya know,  I love having my babies, I love the way they smell, their soft skin, their amazement at every new discovery. 

BUT I am looking forward to a new stage of life. 
Leaving the house without packing diapers, not changing diapers, kids sleeping through the night, no car seats, no strollers. 
Family Vacations without toddlers screaming in hotel rooms.
Family Outings, like Hiking, where every child can participate, not taking turns going up to the summit of a mountain because we can't trust the toddler near the ledge.

Before we move on lets pause for a moment and enjoy babyhood.

When he falls asleep after a bath and a snuggle, and his head just droops back and I can see his neck, I never get to see his neck, its always squished between his chubby cheeks and his baby cleavage.  The soft lines from his droopy lip, (usually with a drool of milk at the corner) round his chin.  Such a cute chin. I love those moments.  He is so soft and sweet, plenty of free kisses because he is too tired to protest.

He LOVES his siblings.  When they come home from school he gets all excited and reaches for them.  Arms outstretched, and huge hugs.

He likes helping with the laundry.  He is always pulling it out as I am transferring wash to the dryer.  I showed him how to push it into the dryer, he obliged. 

He thinks he is pretty neat now that he can crawl up and DOWN the stairs. Before he mastered the down part he would sit at the top of the stairs and call out for me.  Now he is so proud that he likes to show off, he stands on the top stairs, hanging on to the railing, with a sly smile.  I know he isn't brave enough to do anything about it, but he doesn't know I know, so I just let him think he is so big.

He enjoys wrestling with his brothers.

When he is tired he'll find his favorite fuzzy blanket and cuddle up on it in the middle of the floor.  Bum in the air.

His favorite food is Spaghetti.  Loves it.

His favorite treat is Peanut Butter cups.  He mauled his silblings' Halloween candy repeatedly, always coming away with a Reese's. 
His birthday cake was Chocolate with Peanut Butter Cup ice cream as the filling.  It was delicious, despite  partially melting when the freezer shorted out.  He was overwhelmed at first, all the kids wanting him to smash his face into it, he just looked at me and cried.  Then when everyone else moved on, he sat on my lap and gobbled it down.

Loves books.

Loves tummy Raspberries.  I gave him one, he giggled and I asked if he wanted another one.  He stood up on my lap and leaned in for another.

He comes to find me when he needs his diaper changed, but hates to actually have it changed.

Likes to think he is a big kid, especially when his uncles are in town.

Enjoys normal baby things, emptying drawers and cupboards.  Peeing on the floor.  Taking baths. Throwing stuff on the floor.

Uses chairs and stools as a walker.  Did I mention he isn't walking yet.  It's like God's gift to me, letting me transition slowly from baby to toddler.

Sometimes he gets his huge head stuck between the recliner and the sofa.  Then he acts offended that he can't get through.

Loves candy and all junk food.  It's what happens when you have 4 older siblings.  #dontjudge

While we are on the subject of junk food.  Lets talk about how much he loves his Grandma.  She walks in the room and he comes crawling.  A couple days ago she leaned down and asked #4 if he wanted to go run errands with her.  #5 thought she was talking to him and he crawled right into her arms and started chattering about his plans.  Wish we could understand what he had to say because it was super cute.

He is busy.  He has only gained 5 pounds in the last 7 months.  But he is getting taller.

Dislikes his car seat.  Doesn't really care to be in the car much at all.

Just recently decided that when he doesn't want to be asleep he should toss his bedding out and on the floor.

But when he is ready to sleep he needs one fuzzy blanket under and then grabs his other fuzzy blanket.  He rolls on to his side, tucks the blanket under his chin, faces the wall, and snuggles to sleep.

Pitched a fit when I took him to his room to change his diaper.  I told him we weren't going to bed, and he chilled out.

Yesterday he was riding around on his sisters back, giggling. Loving life.

Trusts his sisters absolutely.

He enjoys playing kitchen.  When he hears his siblings playing upstairs he crawls up there to play.  I'll find him busy in the play kitchen.

He loves his daddy.  Like seriously loves him.  Misses him when he is at work, and can't wait to jump into his arms when he gets home.

I love that he is in our home.  That he is part of our family.  That our family loves having him.  That he loves being here.  That our family feels complete with him here.

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