Saturday, January 11, 2014

Why Does God always take the Good Ones home early?

A few months ago my daughters' friend lost a long and valiant fight with Lukemia.  She had just turned 10.
A few moments ago my friend and my children's Sunday School teacher lost a battle she learned she'd have to fight when it was already too late.

Both these ladies were the most happy positive people.  So loving, happy, giving.

I know it sounds selfish and greedy but I wish God would have let them stay a while longer. 

Our little friend's battle was so long and expensive that our entire community was knit together to support the family in their battle.  It was wonderful to be a part of.  An army of love led by a vivacious little 10 year old, her faithful dog at her side.  That was her mission, her purpose; to turn our town, which was ravaged by the recession, back into a community.  She served long and hard and while not victorious over the cancer, she completed her mission.

Our dear sister whose battle was only a couple of months (after diagnosis) was never blessed with children of her own.  And so she lovingly served in our nursery every Sunday for years.  She loved each of those toddlers and those toddlers love her.  A year ago she was asked to take over our entire children's program.  She did so beautifully. 

I never wanted to be anything more than a wife and a mother when I grew up, and I was blessed to become both those roles at a young age.  4 years ago I went through a year of 'infertility'.  It was heartbreaking.  I often wonder why God would not give blessed babies to loving women.  Then I take a look around our chapel each Sunday.  As crazy Mormons we have LOTS of children and in the midst of our sleepless, exhausted mama's is this tall blonde Sister with an inviting smile (and not just any smile, a perfect smile, really, dentist could use her as a poster child) and she was there every Sunday, loving our children, making up for our shortcomings.  She was God's gift to our congregation and I am glad He let us keep her as long as he did.


  1. I have been going through a lot lately mostly with family. My Sister in Law was just diagnosed with breast cancer and is feeling like it's karma. She says that because she has been mean to people that she is getting paid back from God. I tell her that this is not God and that she needs to have faith in Him and things will work out. It's hard I know but He has a plan, we may not understand His plan but I have always remembered that He will help us get through any thing. I am sorry for the loss you mentioned in this post, hope your hearts have healed.

  2. Tammy,
    Thank you for your kind words. We have found ways to honor our friend and that has made the healing easier. Her husband has also returned to God's fold after a long absence which is his gift to her. I pray your sister in law finds hope, love, and healing in God's arms.


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