Friday, January 17, 2014

Don't Worry, it's NATURAL

Let's talk about NATURAL medicinal remedies.  It's good stuff.  For the most part.  But the explanation or justification of "of course it's safe, its natural" or "God has given us everything we need to cure our bodies"

It's true, God is in control.  He gave us brains and told us to use them.  He also gave us Doctors.  I have yet to hear of a natural inoculation to polio.  But there is a Polio vaccine and regardless of your feelings on the safety of vaccines I bet you'd rather vaccinate your child if you had ever seen a person die of Polio.

It's also true that there are many natural remedies that heal the body.  I am not opposed to these remedies.  I have recently started using Essential Oils (essential derived from essence or scent, not essential as in necessary), they work really well.  But if they are used incorrectly they can cause problems.   The first time I applied lavender oil I failed to dilute it in another oil.  It burned my daughter's feet  (it was supposed to help her sleep).  Had I done some dreaded RESEARCH I would have learned that a carrier oil was needed.

Keep in mind that these people mocking us for researching oils are also mocking us for NOT researching the dangers of vaccines.  Be consistent.

Their argument is that "people don't believe something natural can be that powerful".

I really don't think that is the case.  I doubt anyone would argue the power of Marijuana.  It is a natural substance.  It's a weed that grows all over the mid west..  My hubby and his friends called it ditch weed.  The wild form is much lower in THC than the stuff that is produced for smoking.  But it's use in pain relief is undeniable.

Let's talk about some more 'natural' substances.  Opium, comes from the poppy plant and is used in making Heroin.  Any arguments about the power of Heroin?

Alcohol is just fermented grain, totally natural.  Ever lost a loved one to a drunk driving accident?

Tobacco?  Also a natural plant.  Check out these lungs.  Powerful enough for you?

Moral of the Story?  Natural is neither good nor bad.  It simply is.  Do your research so that you may properly use these NATURAL (or synthetic) remedies provided by God, Science, or the Universe.  Your choice.

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