Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Boobies and Toddlers:Why I LOVE Nursing Toddlers

 I am a huge fan of nursing.  Probably because my mom loved it.  I am not sure how long she nursed us older kids, but with the younger two, she nursed as long as she wanted. The youngest was in the final days of weaning when #1 was born.  They are 26 months apart.  I guess, her example was a positive one.  Tonight while I was nursing my tired, not feeling well, baby to sleep... for a second time, after a very cranky day, I had these thoughts.

1.  Bigger Boobs for a longer time.
2. When they get sick you can keep them hydrated.
3. In a hurry to leave the house? No worries, No need to pack a snack, Boobs are always ready.
4. Similarly, Boobies are so handy.  Always ready, always the right temperature.
(we went camping, in March, when #5 was 3 months old.  He slept in his carseat, when he woke I pulled him in my bag and he nursed, could we do that with a bottle?  I think not.)
5. No matter how bad the day is, you always end on a positive snuggly note.

Bonus #6:  When they go through the "learning to walk, bonking our noggins every day" stage, boobs are handy to get them all better in a hurry.  #liquidcourage

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