Monday, February 3, 2014

Ten Toilet Training Tips

I am a fan of alliterations!  Can you tell?  But really, it was an easy one.

These are going to be cut and dry, unlike the actual process.

I am not a mama that has her kids toilet trained by age 2 (with the exception of nights, and an occasionally daily accident, and won't poop in the potty yet).  I also don't consider a child toilet trained until the only effort I have to put into it is wiping their butt.  And that is for my benefit not theirs.

It should be noted that these tips are gleaned from personal experience and studies read while earning my degree in Human Development (yes, I am throwing that out there!  I worked hard)

So here it is...

1.  2 years 9 months is when the body is most ready to toilet train.  I heard it from a doctor, reflected back on when my older kids potty trained and its spot on.

2.  Don't force it, the worst thing to do is to turn body functions into a power struggle.  This does happen, and guess what, the child usually wins because the parent can not force urine from their bladder.  The child will hold until it is convenient for them, and use it to manipulate the parent.  Yes, I have seen this. It is not pretty

3.  Don't stress about it, it will happen, on their time table, not yours.  This should be a time for the child to build confidence, starting too soon can lead to feelings of failure.

4.  Expect it to be messy for a while.

5.  Expect your bathroom to stink (especially with little boys) We keep toilet paper, flush-able wipes, and Clorox wipes on the toilet tank.  We also keep the plunger handy.

6.  Use praise not punishment.  I used Capri-Sun Roaring Waves pouches as a prize with #4, low calorie, no sugar, and the fluids keep things flowing.

7.  If they want to take a break or backtrack, its okay, follow their lead.

8.  If they have a poopy accident on an adventure away from home, throw the underwear away, I swear it's not worth the cost to deal with that mess.
9. Consider a toilet seat like this... I love it!!  And I paid a lot more for it at HomeDepot, should have checked online, silly me.

10. Enjoy this time with your child.  Their proud facial expressions are totally worth the mess.


  1. I do not miss those days. My kids are 4 and 6, and we still have to have spare clothes in the car and a little travel potty for emergencies. Neither are used as much as they used to be, but we aren't out of the woods yet!

  2. I try my hardest not to clean out the car, then in a pinch you are sure to find something you need! It might be the wrong size, but at least the old ladies won't give you the stink eye for having an under dressed child!


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