Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mama Ponderings: Too long to Tweet

#4 is by far my scrawniest child.  Wearing clothes at almost 3 that his brother wore at a year.  I blame birth trauma, but that is another story.  He has been sick.  Feverish, earaches, snotty nose.  I have been applying essential oils in a coconut oil base to his ears and forehead, so his curls have gotten quite greasy and wild, making his large head appear even larger.  I watch him wobble down the stairs, huge noggin' balanced atop a tiny thin frame.  And my mind travels back over his life.  The struggle to conceive, the near death (mine, or so it felt) of delivery, the fight to nurse him, and the constant effort to keep up with his personality and all I can think is;

   Dear God,
            I love this child.  Thank you for sending him to me, it was rough and scary and emotional, I will never be the same person, but he is totally worth it.
      All my love and gratitude,
              Mean Mama

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