Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The List vs. Reality

The List
Get kids to school with hubby's help.
Enjoy quiet morning at home with Hubby and littles.
Clean Kitchen
Make dinner for new baby's family, our family, and one for the new freezer.
Fold Laundry while watching "Wives & Daughters"
Package and Deliver dinner to new baby family
Pick up #1 &her friend
Go get a much needed Massage (I fell down wood stairs a couple weeks ago and am still hurting)
Return to Chaos as Hubby arrives home from work
Feed family
Go to Women's group meeting at church.
Eat junk food
go to bed
Sleep soundly


Get kids to school
Wake up hubby
Watch hubby pace the floor while working out his nerves for the observation he has at work.
Start dinners
Cuddle sick baby
15 minutes on phone getting my dad to add me as an authorized user on our shared phone plan (technically I do work for him, and the business plan saves us almost $100 a month)

Spend half hour on phone with customer service to get $140 of wrong charges removed
Spend an hour on phone with dad working through more painful divorce drama
Emotionally exhausted, consider the Dr. in my fridge, show willpower and resist
Pick up #1 and her friend ON TIME!!
Massage gets cancelled
Work some more on dinner
Mom comes to visit
Say something wrong and mom melts-down and leaves
Ponder what I should have done
Mom returns to rehash the divorce, again.
Send kids upstairs to watch Netflix and eat chocolate chips
Show love
Finish dinner
check the clock 12 times for hubby who is late coming home from work
Package dinner (while mom washes dishes, bless her soul, so glad cleaning is therapeutic for her)
Notice my tooth feels cracked, its a watch for a crown anyway, and not the royal kind of crown. Damn
Hubby gets home from work. 90 minutes late, but he had a good day.
Get lost dropping off dinner
Come home to feed kids
Visit with #1's friends mom
Look at clock
I missed women's group
Put kids in bed
Take bath
Sleep restlessly

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