Monday, July 14, 2014

I Super Duper Love when Fringe Mormons Decide to Create Facts for the World

I refer to any guy my mom dates as McSlick (actually I don't call them that, what I call them is crude, so McSlick will do for this post).  Current McSlick is trying to impress my mom for all the wrong reasons, he decided to read a book about the Mormon church so he can tell my mom what she believes, because worthwhile men everywhere know that all women want to be told what they believe.  So over dinner one evening he informs my mom that she shouldn't be drinking Coke.

And that was all I needed to know to know:
1. I would never willingly meet McSlick
2. The book he was reading wasn't about our gospel principles or even our church.  It was a book written by someone who was raised Mormon and therefore is an expert in all things culturally misleading about our church.

Now conclusion #1 may sound harsh, but why clutter my life with someone who educates himself through gossip?   And really that wasn't a new conclusion.

I looked up the author of the book he is reading.  Joanna Brooks.  She is a self proclaimed "Mormon Feminist" which is a newish coined term, if you look it up in a thesaurus you will find that it is synonymous with "Democratic Dictator".
 I have not read any of her books and have read little of her blog, but an individual with serious doctrinal concerns should not be hosting a 'Dear Abby' type column purporting herself an expert on Mormon beliefs.

Teachings come from God to His people, His people do NOT counsel Him.   So either you accept that basic principle or you do not.  The Gospel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints believes that only the Prophet (Amos 3:7) can receive revelation for the entire world, individuals may for themselves and their adolescent children, Bishops for their ward, etc. But only the Prophet may receive revelation for the world.  Either you believe this or you do not.  Its pretty fundamental.  If you believe this, the 'Ordain Women' movement is wrong, if you don't why do you bother?  Why waste energy fighting to change a false organization?

So to Joanna Brooks, Kate Kelly, and any other "Mormon Feminist" claiming their fight is for the progression of Mormon women everywhere, 
                                  PLEASE STOP! 
          Your words and actions are actually just causing  yet another mess for us busy Mormon Moms to clean up.
 The Mean (Mormon)  Mama!

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