Sunday, August 17, 2014

Baby Butts

Tinylove is getting older which means (at least) TWO things:

1. He plays outside with the big kids for longer and longer stretches of time.
2. His poop is becoming increasingly more toxic.

Added up and you have a baby bum that is becoming more and more difficult to keep a healthy shade of pasty white.

Today it is sore.  I offered to slather it with 'stuff' (a blend of coconut, lavender, and melaleuca oils) then realized it had been carried off.  I went in search of it.  Tinylove followed and as he passed one of the many fans blowing in our hot house he felt the breeze across his cute butt, stopped in his tracks, and backed that junk up.  A grin of relief as the cool air soothed his hot butt.

Adorable right?  I sure thought so.  We stood there, on our awful dining room carpet and giggled together.  Ever the joker he turns around to talk into the fan, he discovered a few weeks ago that this simple act makes your voice sound hysterical!

He just hasn't put together what cool air on a naked wiener will do.

 And so if you were wondering where the wet spot on my carpet came from, well, now you know.

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