Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Everyday Chaos

Realized I can never leave the house again without a bra, that dirt road is rough on the tatas.

"Mama, it okay I put my boggie here (wash cloth that I am currently washing dishes with)?"

PB - "we're gonna get pigs!"
friend - "your not going to turn it into bacon are you?"
PB - "um, yes, that's the point"
Me - "We'll share the bacon?"
Friend - "Awesome! Can we name the pig Bacon?"

TL comes in from playing, his hands are ice cold.  He is sick so I am letting him have free range of my boobs.
    Me - "Baby, your hands are so cold!"
    MG (my swimmer) - "Is he doing the Breast Stroke?  hahahahah!"

TL fell asleep in his cars eat after I ordered his Taco Truck taco but before he ate it....they aren't good cold, so I had two!

exhumed 6 bottles of essential oils from our bucket of oats.

The Peacock has gone from ignoring the chickens, to eating their food, to sharing their treats, to flirting with them, to becoming the leader of their pack.

PB& Friend came in so loudly and abruptly they scared TL right off the table.  He is bleeding, poor baby.

Thoroughly cleaned out the Bus we drive around town, the smell wasn't tracked in animal poop, it was moldy baby barf that seeped under the floor mats.

We also found a McDonalds hamburger under there, looked the same as when we bought it 6 weeks ago.

did the happy dance in a gas station parking lot when I found a lost item in the car...MG hid.

TL has been sleeping and coughing on my face all week, in the words of Jim Gaffigan, "Delicious"

Kids are crafting,
Friend - "we need it fat like Santa's tummy"
TK - "we need it fat like a booty"

Tapatio on my Tamale is burning my mouth off, and yet I keep going back for more.

And that was just today.

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