Monday, March 23, 2015

Pee in the Potty

Because this event needs to be documented.

TL kept grabbing at his diaper saying "poop", I couldn't smell anything so I just smiled at him.  He kept insisting so I asked if he needed to poop in the potty.  He said yes, so we ran down the hall to the bathroom (we are way behind in our bathroom rebuild, having a job where you are on call 24/7 even during 'vacation' slows progress), it is full of 3 siblings, and kept running to my bathroom.  For 12 minutes he altered between standing on the stool to pee, sitting on the seat to do either, standing on the floor trying to reach, one foot on the stool, one foot off.  At first he was all laughing and giggling, then we grew a bit bored, then he started announcing "its coming mama! Its COMING!" on repeat for 3 minutes.  Just as I went to grab him, re-diaper him and put him to bed the tinkle sound came.  His face lit up!  He finished, ran from the room, naked around the house, yelling, "Everybody come see!!  I pee!  I PEE!!!"

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