Friday, April 17, 2015

Do you Wanna?

When toddlers are cranky about stopping play to have a stinky changed I often play the "Do you Wanna" game.  It started years ago when our oldest, in tantrum mode, responded with an emphatic NO to every thing we asked.

Do you want to change your diaper?
Do you want to have a snack?
Do you want to watch Monkey George?

After a series of NO's!

My husband asked,
Do you want us to pay for college?
Do you want us to buy you a car when you turn 16?

We've since asked all our children that, and have video evidence, so we are off the hook for that.

Eventually if the question is inviting enough they stop crying, catch their breath and accept.

It usually involves a shocked, "is that an option?" expression and candy.
I rarely deliver on the candy, they usually move on to the next topic and by the time the conversation is over they have forgotten.
Besides, that would be rewarding bad behavior, and we don't want to do that.

Yesterday's session I was getting desperate. I couldn't offer candy because TL knows there is still Easter leftovers stashed in the pantry.  He caught me sneaking it.  He has a memory far too advanced for my good.

I asked,
    Do you wanna go live with the penguins at the zoo?
Gasp, tear wipe, YES!
   But you might get cold.
I wear a jacket.
   But you don't know how to swim.
I swim!
  But not in the deep end....
I big I SWIM!
   How about with the Monkeys?  (just as sissy walks by)
He starts a monkey impression 
                   "He's not  a monkey He's an Ape."

And that folks is how our dorky family rolls.

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