Thursday, April 16, 2015

I think she'll be checking her own pockets from now on

This morning, checking pants pockets before the wash. Found some good old fashion hand written notes. Perk of not having a cell phone.  In her writing I read, "we kissed!" I am not in denial that this is a very real possibility.  She is 12,  but barely admits having a crush on a boy. 

And then the real insult...she hadn't told me. 

I woke her sick head up and demanded an explanation,

Wake up! There is a note, in your writing that says "we kissed"
Half asleep: it was a dream. (her eye rolling was somehow vocal)
Oh, cause if you had a real first kiss and didn't tell me you'd be S.O.L
I know Mom (rolls over, pulls cover over her head, resumes sick sleep)

That was a close call.  I am so not ready for this.

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