Thursday, October 8, 2015

"Mama, my friend said CRAP is a bad word"

This morning's breakfast conversation detailed the difference between Good, Neutral, Inappropriate, and Bad words.

For example:  You hammer the wrong nail.

Good: Ouch!
Neutral: Dangit/Darnit
Inappropriate: Damn
Bad: Son of a B*!@$

Now depending on your audience the level of offense will vary.  In my hometown, a very rural farming community, the only cuss word starts with an 'F'.  Sh*! is poop and B*!@$ is a dog.  Damn and Hell are regular speech.

When hubby is on duty, unless he uses the F word as every part of speech his audience doesn't understand that he is serious.

But in the school system, its best to stick with Good and Neutral.


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