Thursday, October 8, 2015

"Skinny Girl" Problems

So I'm 'naturally thin' or so I've been told.
 I also spent from age 8 to age 20 as a competitive runner with a mother who preached healthy eating. Except homemade brownies, those somehow made the cut. 
Both my grandmothers struggle with weight as do 4 of my 5 aunts, and the 5th is thin for unhealthy reasons. 

People ask, "How do you stay so thin?"  or "I'd never guess you had 5 kids, you are so skinny!"

and I shrug and say "I guess I just have good genetics".

But then I go to a family reunion and the ONLY thin women in the room are me, my sisters, and some in-laws.  So maybe, just maybe I don't have good genetics.  Maybe my "thin-ness" has more to do with lifestyle!

And lets be clear.  I am not super skinny.  I am tall and clothes hide a multitude of sins (ie: Swedish Fish, Gummy Savers, chocolate)  I feel best when I weigh in around 140lbs and currently am just above 150.

I have 10 lbs I'd like to lose, just like every other woman, problem is, I'm not allowed to talk about it.  I don't bring it up just to bring it up, but when women are talking about a new workout program, I'll inquire and get the response,
        "Why do you need to worry about that?  You're naturally skinny!"

I don't know, maybe because I feel better 10 lbs lighter, my clothes fit better, I don't like how it feels running with the extra weight, or that it hurts when my love handles jiggle.
Maybe because my mom has osteoporosis and weight bearing exercise helps prevent that?
Or my back is constantly hurting because my abs were torn to shreds by 5 pregnancies?
Or i don't want to be a broken old person?

But my frustrations get a bit complex because I am also hypoglycemic and have lots of food sensitivities.  Which means I have to eat but there is very little I can eat. 

And if I want to work out when hubby is at work its best to get it done before the kids wake up, but doing a PiYo workout (my favorite home workout) without first eating breakfast leads to shaking and blurred vision and the occasional black outs.

And since my only breakfast options are smoothies and oatmeal and my blender wakes the kids up I eat a lot of oatmeal... and it doesn't matter how you spruce it up, oatmeal 5 days a week is still oatmeal 5 days a week.

So next time in casual conversation, when weight or working out or declining desert comes up, please don't roll your eyes or make snide comments about how I can afford the calories.  Because I can afford the calories, and I want the calories, but I CAN'T eat the food attached to the calories.

If you continue to do so I might just mention that your 20-100 extra lbs could be lost the same way I keep my weight at target.  Self Control and Exercise.


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