Saturday, September 26, 2015

What did YOU do all day?

What did you DO all day?

For the record, it is me asking myself this question, never ever my husband.  He isn't stupid, plus he pulls his weight around here so he knows.

But for my own purposes I have decided to record the ways I spent my time that have no physical evidence left behind.
  For example, doing laundry, doesn't count, people notice when there are no clean towels.

Cancelled a play date due to a sick sibling
Called and excused sick kid from school
Made an appointment for sick kid to see allergist
Left a message to make an appointment for broken kid to see orthopedist
"Lift up you head" to watch as toddler showed me a trick that involved spitting rock ice into a cup^5
Helped broken kid get dressed and re bandaged (this may seem like physical evidence, but people notice if he is in his sling and dressed, not that it has been redone)
Rescheduled my doctors appointment
Researched cheapest pharmacy and had Rx transferred there.
Admired toddler coloring
Tried to pick up an Rx, waited on hold for 20 minutes while they found it.
Received a visitor.
Arranged details for a service project with my co-cordinators
Went to Pharmacy 3 times...for one Rx, if others would do their job that'd be great.
Recorded (tweeted) multiple milestones and cute things my kids say, cause one day they're going to ask.

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